Creative Design Trends To Expect In 2015 [Infographic]

Design Trends For 2015

Design is always changing and evolving as new technologies come along. 2014 gifted us some beautiful design trends such as large images and creative typography and also thrown some light on upcoming trends in 2015. Flat design becomes more popular with more of a shift to semi-flat elements. Google ran with semi-flat and branded is as their own material design.

This basically portrays one simple thing which we all can’t deny that appearance matters. Design, typography or even color has an effect on our emotions, or can say how we see branded items. When it comes to design every change is made to deliver a specific impact on users.

Even though some design strategies are timeless, but trends change. The website layouts or typography that has worked couple years before won’t necessarily resonate with your audience now.

Coastal Creative Reprographics have created this awesome infographic focusing on interesting design trends which we can expect this year. Now dive in to see what’s coming next.

New Design Trends To Follow In 2015 [Infographic]

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