10 Best Places to Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online

10 Best Places to Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs

10 Best Places to Find Freelance Graphic Design Jobs
Are you a graphic designer and want to know what jobs can you get with a graphic design degree? Maybe you work for a graphic designing firm and looking for an online graphic design job that will kick off your creative career…then this post is for you.

With the rising competition, it’s very hard to find suitable graphic designer jobs. Now the problem is where you can find suitable work that will help you sustain your freelance lifestyle?

Before getting started, watch this video to know the process.

So, in this post, I’m going to share 10 best platforms where you can find your very first or next graphic design job.

1. Coroflot

Corofloat graphic design jobs

In this platform, you can browse through 2,000 creative company profiles and .879 active job listings as I am writing this post. You can also filter jobs by specialty, job level categories or location wise.

2. Behance

Behance graphic designing jobs

Behance is a renowned portfolio platform where designers can showcase and discover creative work. In their creative job board, you can search by location, creative field or you can search by company name.

3. Inbound

Inbound graphic design jobs online

Inbound is an online hub where good Marketers come to get better. Where smart marketers connect, interact, comment, & learn. You can also find Web programming jobs here.

4. AIGA Design Jobs

AIGA graphic designer jobs

AIGA Design Jobs has successfully matched creatives with over 10,000 jobs from big brands across the United States. As I am writing this post there are 301 current creative employment opportunities in this platform.

5. Krop

Krop graphic designer jobs online

Like Behance, Krop is also a portfolio platform and offers a creative industry job board. It is used by all experienced creative designers and world’s top brands. You can browse jobs by categories and set up email alerts.

6. Dribbble

Dribble freelance graphic designing jobs online

Dribbble is a screenshot sharing platform where creative designers share their work, process, and projects. It is a great resource to explore and connect with designers across the world. Here you can also find jobs as a team.

7. Design Observer

Design Observer freelance graphic designer jobs online

When you post your job on Design Observer, it is instantly distributed across the well-known design websites that make up their Design Employment Network such as Coroflot, PSFK, and CreativePro.

8. Smashing Jobs

Smashing Magazine graphic design job description

Smashing Jobs is Powered By Smashing Magazine which is considered one of the most successful magazines for creative professionals. It is trusted by big brands such as Amazon, Mercedes, MTV, and Lonely Planet.

9. Creative Hotlist

Creative Hotlist freelance graphic design jobs

Creative Hotlist is a job board for creative professionals which allows users can upload their resumes and apply for jobs. Here users can search jobs by keyword, location or level of experience.

10. Simply Hired

Simply Hired freelance graphic designing jobs online

Simply Hired shows you graphic design job information from various sources. You can use the advanced filter to skip listings that do not appeal to you.

If you aren’t working for a graphic design company, doesn’t mean it’s the end. You can continue as a freelance designer and there are plenty online platforms to find graphic design jobs. Let me know your favourite platforms. Feel free to share them through the comments box below!

How To Design An Unforgettable Logo [Infographic]

Designing An Unforgettable Logo

Designing An Unforgettable Logo

Are you looking for a brand new logo design for your company?

Or trying to revamp your age old logo to a fresh new look?

Have you already figured out how to plan and execute a completely mind-blowing logo design?

There are a million ways you could go for it, but there are a few pointers that you could incorporate into your own process that will probably make things just a little bit more streamlined.

How you choose the colors, fonts, characteristics for your logo and how it fits with what your brand is all that matters but, surely there are other important factors to look into. You might find it’s really easy to just bundle something together and call it a logo, or hire a designer from Fiverr – but that won’t help you in the long run.

The core focus of the logo is to represent what the brand is all about. But that doesn’t mean your logo has to be complex, simplicity always wins.

Now take a look at this infographic from sothink.com. If you try to implement the steps mentioned, you will find that logo design process isn’t that complex as you think. And the end result of your logo will be better than ever before. Now without further ado, just dive in.

How To Design An Unforgettable Logo [Infographic]

40 Brand Logos with Hidden Messages [Infographic]

Brand Logos with Hidden Meaning

Brand Logos with Hidden Meaning

Everyday we come across different branded logos, but have you ever thought what hidden messages the iconic logos are carrying with them? Every element of  a logo conveys a certain message to its target audience – starting from the personality of the brand, to its consumers, it can focus on different aspects. A Logo is one of the most important part of a company’s branding strategy, that’s why brands invest a lot of time and money to create a perfect logo.

Check out this video which top 10 hidden meanings in famous logos.

This handy infographic from folks at Made By Oomph shows 40 different logos with hidden messages – from FedEx to Coca-Cola – it reveals all. Even though some are more obvious than others, this infographic will surely give you some logo design inspiration. And also will put some light into the workings of some of the biggest brands on earth.

Now take a look at the infographic below, and see if you can find any idea to get creative with your next logo design project! Let us know in the comments box below!

40 Brand Logos with Hidden Messages [Infographic]

Creative Design Trends To Expect In 2015 [Infographic]

Design Trends For 2015

Design Trends For 2015

Design is always changing and evolving as new technologies come along. 2014 gifted us some beautiful design trends such as large images and creative typography and also thrown some light on upcoming trends in 2015. Flat design becomes more popular with more of a shift to semi-flat elements. Google ran with semi-flat and branded is as their own material design.

This basically portrays one simple thing which we all can’t deny that appearance matters. Design, typography or even color has an effect on our emotions, or can say how we see branded items. When it comes to design every change is made to deliver a specific impact on users.

Even though some design strategies are timeless, but trends change. The website layouts or typography that has worked couple years before won’t necessarily resonate with your audience now.

Coastal Creative Reprographics have created this awesome infographic focusing on interesting design trends which we can expect this year. Now dive in to see what’s coming next.

New Design Trends To Follow In 2015 [Infographic]