The History of Web Design [Infographic]

The History of Web Design [Infographic]

We all know how great web designs look today but it wasn’t the same in 90’s. Tim Berners-Lee introduced the very first website in 1991. People then used dial-up internet access with speeds of 28.8Kbps to 33.6Kbps with 640px by 480px screen resolution.

New technologies have helped changes in web standards, and the way developers do their stuff today. Some stats to look into:

  • In 1996 Macromedia introduced Flash to the world.
  • In 1998, with the release of PHP3,  Dynamic design language PHP gained popularity.
  • Microsoft’s IE5 became the first web browser to achieve better than 99% support for CSS1.
  • In 2000, the W3C recommended the second release of Javascript, and by 2002, nearly all browsers supported it.

There are different factors that helps to drive web design and development in new directions. Innovation in technology, improved browser/web standards, and a continuous stream of content play their part.

Here is a great infographic by Ameri Commerce summarizing the major trends over the past 25 years.

history of web design infographic

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