Welcome to our resources page. Please note that some of the links are affiliate links, which will not cost any extra money to you if you will buy using my links. I am not going to create any hype or any statements to make you buy these products. My intention here is to help you select best tools in the industry.

WordPress Themes

  • Genesis Framework: This is the best framework available on the internet. With this framework, you can create awesome themes for your blog which are called child themes. With Genesis, you can have all SEO features already embedded in your theme, so no need to install any third-party plugin.
  • Thesis: Thesis offers responsive WordPress themes for bloggers that load fast and improve their ranking with easy steps installation. One of its great benefits is the built-in SEO capabilities.  You can customize your own theme and you don’t need to know any coding.

Domain Name

  • Godaddy: Godaddy is the world’s largest domain name register as well as the largest web hosting provider which gives an online address to millions of customers worldwide. I have been using this reliable hosting service for one of my blog and satisfied with their service.

Web Hosting

  • Bluehost: Bluehost is also a web hosting company that provides various hosting services, dedicated servers and domain names for beginners & professionals through its Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated server packages. If you seek an easy, accessible and affordable web hosting, you may proceed with this reliable web hosting provider.

Keyword Research Tools

  • Google Keyword Planner (FREE): Google Adwords Planner is the best tool to plan and implement your keyword research. To optimize your blog content and to hold high rank on search engines, it is essential to choose the keywords with high volume and low competition. To do so, you may use this keyword planner tool by signing up for Google Adwords account. Without doing the proper keyword research, it would be more difficult to deliver your content to the right people.

WordPress Plugins

  • WordPress SEO By Yoast (FREE): If you’re searching for a complete SEO solution for your WordPress blog and to rank your content higher on search engines, I would recommend this most popular WordPress Plugin, SEO by Yoast. It has awesome features and it helps you to write valuable content with good keyword density.
  • Akismet (FREE): Akismet is a great plugin that identifies and block the spam comments on your blog. This is the most popular spam prevention WordPress plugin which is used to find link spam from blog comments and spam trackbacks.
  • Optin Monster: Create professional popups on your blog with this tool. This is a lead generation plugin which let you manage your campaigns at more professional level by giving awesome popup designs.
  • Optinlinks: This is another lead generation tool and it’s kinda dirt cheap. It helps you create awesome popup forms and squeeze page which increases your conversion rate .
  • Hello Bar (FREE) Hello Bar allows you to convert more of your website visitors into customers, it grows your following, and it does a bunch of other things for your site. Try one free month of Hello Bar Pro with this link.
  • CommentLuv (FREE): If you want to make your blog more engaging and reader’s friendly then this is a must have plugin for you. This one plugin has a feature of 6 great plugins, so your are going to save your money after buying this plugin.
  • SumoMe Plugin (FREE): This is a free plugin to create popups on your blog to capture the leads. This FREE plugin is much smarter than many of the paid options out there.
  • Social Locker Plugin: I am using this plugin on my blog to lock the content so that user can click on social media links to unlock the content.
  • Pretty Link Lite (FREE): This is an affiliate link cloaking plugin which you can use to convert your ugly looking affiliate links into user-friendly affiliate links.

Social Media Tools

  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite is an effective social management tool which would let you integrate your blog with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Foursquare etc. Not only to integrate, it could enable you to monitor what people are saying about your blog and help you to react instantly. You can easily cross-post your blog posts on various social media with Hootsuite.
  • Justretweet (FREE): This is the awesome service which I’m using from long. You may schedule the tweets here and earn good social signals for your blogs posts by retweeting, liking and G+ing other members posts. With Justretweet, you may network with influential bloggers and your blog could gain good exposure.

Email Marketing

  • Ininbox: Ininbox is also an effective email marketing service to create, send and track the success ratio of emails that sent to subscribers. It has awesome features like customizable templates, detailed reports, task automation etc. This helpful service is free to use and just needs 3 step process to create an email list. I’ve reviewed this email marketing service and you could get the details here.

Blogging Communities

  • BlogEngage: If you wanna connect with like-minded people and famous bloggers, you may take part in Blog Engage blogging community. It is a voting based community where you could expand your credibility with your quality blog posts. I’m member of this community where I got connected with many innovative bloggers. You’ll get guest post opportunities, participate in contests and affiliate programs in Blog Engage.
  • Bizsugar (FREE): Bizsugar is also an active blogging community that follows voting method where you can submit your blogs post in appropriate category and they need to get good no. of votes to hit the homepage. As a result, you’ll drive traffic to your blog and your blog content would get good visibility. You could generate blog posts ideas from here and catch established blogs to perform blog commenting.

Note: From both the blogging communities, you may get dofollow backlinks to your blog.

Blog Analytics

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is an exceptional tool to monitor a lot of activities on your blog and enhances your content marketing strategy. Just you need to add its code into your theme to analyze content performance. You could get detailed reports about your blog’s traffic (both organic + referral) with this tool and track SEO results through its keyword reports. It has a customizable dashboard with advanced segments to get detailed data on your blog’s performance.

Plagiarism Checker

  • Small SEO Tools (FREE): Even though you’re writing your blog posts in your own style with a personal touch, accidental plagiarism may happen at sometimes and it would ruin the health of your blog. As blog needs original and quality content, it is good to use a plagiarism checker tool to avoid getting penalized by Google algorithms. Moreover, if you’re accepting guest posts for your blog, you may use this tool to check the uniqueness of the information written. I use Small Seo tools free plagiarism checker and suggesting you to use the same.

So these are all resources which I am using to build my online business. I will keep updating this list time to time and add more tools according to my experience.

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