What is Responsive Website Design [Infographic]?

As technology is evolving, people spending more of their times on smartphones. And as more & more people are using their mobile devices to access internet along with their desktop or laptop.

But how people are accessing those mobile devices is even more compelling for marketers. As per Google’s Mobile Path to Purchase report, 48% of users start on search engines, 33% start on branded websites, and 26% start on branded apps.

Recently Google’s rolled out it’s Mobilegeddon update which basically means sites which are mobile friendly will get an added advantage in mobile search. This effected non-mobile-friendly share of SERPs by 21%.

This clearly defines that, businesses using responsive website design (RWD) generate more leads and stays ahead from their competitors who doesn’t covers wide platforms using RWD.

But what the heck is this responsive website design, how does it work and do you even consider switching? This awesome infographic from Verve answers all of your queries, provides some useful statistics, and also shows you the key features of responsive design which you shouldn’t miss.

What is Responsive Website Design [Infographic]?

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